Sulphur type: this type possesses the following characteristics: open hearted, giving generously of their time and efforts.

However, some are selfish, lacking willpower, and fail to follow things through completion. Most however, are very hard working towards their own goals. Sulfur types have short patience and may easily explode in anger, however they cool off fairly fast thus compromise can be usually achieved.

These people have coarse, lusterless hair, dry and scaly skin, and often look unkempt and in need of a bath. Food preference: sweet and fatty foods, spicy and sour foods such as curries and pickles, raw foods like salads, sushi, and fresh oysters. They dislike eggs and milk, hot drinks. Sulphur types fear heights, failure in business or at work, and ghosts.

Quite often it is said that they are very egoistic and self centered when it comes to family, a typical sulphur type man will ask his wife who was taking care of children all day, cooking dinner, washing clothes, etc, “why didn’t you do some gardening outside as I told you in the morning?” Divorce rate is higher among sulphur types compare to other types as the spouse feels overwhelmed and is forced out of the egoistic relationship.

They are quite materialistic and a child of sulphur type can be seen collecting stamps, rocks, keys, and other items. Many are self employed with successful businesses as they have an excellent skill of accumulating financial wealth. They are not big spenders and usually have conservative lifestyle. An example could be a very successful businessman who has accumulated millions of dollars but drives an economy car as a Toyota corolla and wears old trousers with shoes which had been repaired numerous times.