I consider intoxication as a beginning of an illness, it is a thrown in the soil seed, which soon will turn into a tree, that is a disease, which is in turn, year by year will surely and steadily begin destroying the organism.

There are several important levels of intoxication:

Autointoxication: it is a sedentary lifestyle, unwholesome nutrition, excessive consumption of meat, saturated fat, and carbohydrates, as well as a lack of fibre components in the food. As a result, the balance of the organism is upset and the organism is intoxicated with the products of its own metabolism.

Environmental or External Intoxication: water and air pollution, use of different shampoos, hair colors, nail polishes, antibiotics, lipsticks, these are all artificial, chemically polluted products, that people come in contact with in the outside world.

Heterointoxication: it can hardly be seen as is. Usually it joins the previous and the subsequent reasons.  Heterointoxication is a secondary infection: genital, viral, yeast infections, intestinal parasites, and herpes. It is also a mental intoxication, which leads to the blockage of the eliminated toxins. It’s a constant flow of the different emotions: jealousy, anger, sadness, hate; constant action of the unrestrained passions – hidden but desirable; any long lasting conflict situation, which a person cannot overcome.

Importance of Heredity in the Process of Intoxication and Secretion for Restoration or Regeneration

In certain cases, especially with children, it is impossible to find any particular reason of irregular elimination and intoxication, but the symptoms of intoxication seem very obvious. In this case we think about parents, about their genetically transmitted information of the weak elimination systems of the organism.