Under an idea of a treatment in Dinas Homeopathic Clinic, we are again specifying that our organism has all the natural and wonderful abilities given to us by nature to cure itself when needed or stimulated.

Our goal is to correctly stimulate the natural healing ability of the organism by either Acupuncture, Homeopathy, diet, proper lifestyle, etc. When the correct stimulation occurs on regular basis (depending on needed amount as every patient is presented with a different stage of the disease), combined with the right diet and/or lifestyle, then we are likely to see an expected result.

In case of acupuncture, the stimulation of Chinese energetic channels or meridians responsible for function of one or particular group of organs can provide that push which the organism is waiting for to start the healing process. In case of homeopathy, the correct dose and/or potency of a particular remedy or a group of remedies can provide the same result occurring on the cellular level of the organism. Cells get stimulated by that push, and in turn affect the associated organs which carry on the given task of the natural healing process. Correct diet and daily physical activity greatly compliment this natural detoxification process and help to provide much more gentle transformation stage.