Acupuncture is a stimulation of the certain acupuncture points by needles, laser or by electric current impulses.

Application of magnets, plants’ seeds or pieces of stones onto the acupuncture points – here are only some of the numerous methods used now at Dinas Homeopathic and Acupuncture Clinic.

We treat people, who are afraid of needles with laser acupuncture, which is absolutely safe and painless. Children in particular, love laser acupuncture as it is not painful and does not bring any negative emotions.

Classical Chinese Acupuncture

ac1.pngClassical Chinese acupuncture is a stimulation of the acupuncture points of the meridians. We recognize twelve basic meridians where the energy is circulating (vital energy). When this circulation gets blocked, a disease starts developing. Thus, my goal is unblock this “blocked” meridian. In order to do that I use needles, moxa and laser stimulation of the points. To achieve good results in treatment and in pain relief, we need a qualified diagnostic of the bio-energetic state of the system of meridians. For that purpose I use a revolutionary (in my opinion) system – Reflexology Software (programs A, B and C).

Each of the programs independently provides information on the state of the system of meridians. This information you can get before and after the treatment, which will definitely improve the quality of the treatment as it gives immediately all the information on the balance of meridians in the shape of a graphic display on the computer screen. This information we can print out and compare with the next one later, in a month, in a year, etc.

Active programs like “Auricular Therapy” (Ear Acupuncture) and “Hand Acupuncture” allow us to find the active points on ears and hands, to stimulate them with the certain parameters of electric current. They also allow us to find points, with the help of the computer program, to measure their amplitude and to insert the acupuncture needles.

In my practice I use all of these programs very successfully, as they are a great support for the acupuncturist in his everyday practice. Maintaining a balance in the system of meridians (that is also present in the system of chakras), I believe, creates a general background of wellness in the whole organism that, in turn, maintains a good health.

Ear acupuncture

(French school): our ear resembles a human embryo, and the ear lobe corresponds to the head of the embryo. Thus, a corresponding point of the head will be on the “head of the embryo”. Also, a corresponding point of the back will be on the “back of the embryo”, etc.



Hand acupuncture

We also find points correlating between internal organs and their corresponding points we can find on hands. We may stimulate these points by different methods – using needles, moxa (pieces of grass, which we light up; they heat and stimulate the acupuncture points), seeds application (stimulation of the points with biological energy), or stimulation by the energy of the applied magnets.


Acupuncture is a wonderful method of curing the pain syndromes and many other conditions.
As you have already noticed, there are many different methods of treatment in our clinic: homeopathy, botanical medicine, acupuncture, laser acupuncture, moxa therapy, physiological homeopathy, aromatherapy, nutrition, herbs, etc.

Which method is better? I would say the one that is the most suitable for you; it may be a combination of several methods at some specific time only for you, based on the information which we have received using different investigative techniques: computer programs A, B, C or diagnostic of tongue, nails, investigation of dreams, dietary habits, etc.

Every time the secret of success is a correctly selected combination for every individual patient at every present time. I call it The Dinas Method.