The surface of the human body is a "peripheral messenger". 

It reveals information about internal occurrences such as disease, through changes in appearance and electrical conductivity. The method of studying skin characteristics - reflexology - is a well-known practice.  Reflexology - this is our future.

The Reflex Server device was designed by a team of experts and clinically tested until the highest possible level of diagnostic accuracy was achieved.  The seven programs allow the doctor to calculate the physiological corridor (corridor of norm) of the patient.

This test is designed for controlling the system of meridians by measuring electric resistance in the points of acupuncture, hands and feet.  Due to the modern design of the computer complex it is possible to attain a high accuracy of measuring, which excludes possible mistakes that often happen when using similar devices.  The measurements are taken in the points of acupuncture carrying information on the energetic status of a meridian from the right and from the left sides.

The patient must hold two electrodes (one in each hand), these electrodes will make an electrical circle around the patient’s system through which a mild electrical signal is going to be sent to different acupressure points that relate to contrasting areas of the body.  There are correspondent points in the stomach, kidneys, liver, small and large intestine, etc.  These are all acupuncture meridian points.  When the signal comes back, the machine is able to make a measurement of the signal and will create a graphic presentation that is representing the signal.   After the measuring has been completed the computer complex automatically calculates the physiological corridor of the meridians' balance in order to determine the symptoms for the patient that was examined.

With this information, we are able to compare the graphical explanation provided by the electrodermal screening machine to that of a healthy person and see what is going on at the level of the meridian system.  This basically gives us a good picture of what is going on with the energetic balance of the body.  This information is often available long before a disease will occur and helps us to build up the prevention programs for our patients.  It is our philosophy that the best medicine is preventative medicine.  Through this process we are able to find the weak points in the body and provide the different steps that are needed for a support system, which will help the body to prevent the disease from occurring.

If there is some type of a pathological energetic unbalance in the system of meridians - the electric conductivity related to acupuncture points will have changes, and that, in its turn, changes the physiological corridor of a patient.

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Allergy Test allows for the determining of all possible allergic components in food, medication, aroma therapeutic oils, homeopathic preparations, vitamins and minerals.

When measurements are located with the physiological corridor - they are considered normal; i.e, an energetic balance in the mini reflex-zones.  When measurements are located outside the borders of the corridor - it is considered that there is an imbalance in certain systems.  This information helps to estimate an effectiveness of the session for treatment or to apply this treatment on already known weak zones or places in the energetic system.

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