In one or the other form isopathy has been around since the medicine started to exist as an art.

If we look into the most ancient epoch of medicine, we will also find the traces of this system. For example, wolf’s lungs (pulmonus) were recommended to asthma patients by Dioscorides, Xenocrates, Galen, Serapion and by many other physicians of ancient times. Dioscorides and Paulus Egineta, allege that the roasted liver of mad dog was one of the best remedies for its bite post effects.

Later, Xenocrates wrote that wolf’s liver was very useful for the liver treatment. The scorpion’s sting was to be treated by the application of the dead scorpion to the wound, according to Haly Abbas, Celsus and Paulus Egineta. Many physicians of the past, including Oswals Croll, believed and taught that the sound organs of certain animals were useful in the diseases of those organs in human beings.

The famous physician, Van Helmont, wrote in his observations that “morbid products of diseases should be employed for their cure”. As we see, this is the essence of the theory of the doctors who later started calling themselves “doctors-isopaths”. Even 200 years ago, Dr. Durey, recommended to give animal’s liver to the person whom this animal had bitten, and this treatment was rather successful.

The fist homeopath, Dr. Constantine Hering, (father of homeopathy after Hahnemann) had found out and proved that taking urine or blood from an ill person (who is affected with hepatitis, cholera or other internal diseases), then preparing this urine homeopathically, and to take it as a medication, then the basic disease would be cured.

Patients with bacterial forms of disease caused by the viral microorganisms, such as Pneumococcus, Staphylococcus or E. Coli, were treated by the following methods: doctors homeopathically prepared medications out of urine, blood or saliva taken from these patients, and then those preparations were given to them as homeopathic treatment. Effect had exceeded all expectations: people who had been suffering for a long time suddenly began recovering after taking homeopathic medications and extracts.

Isopathy continued its further development in many different directions. For instance, with chronic dermatological diseases, such as eczema and psoriasis, the doctors took some pieces of affected tissues or scabs and prepared them homeopathically, and then the patients would take these preparations in forms of tablets, extracts or ointment. This would improve the condition of their internal organs considerably, imbalance of which very same organs had caused the actual skin disease.

In 1883 Dr. Hering published his long-term research of the following phenomenon: various fluids of a human body which were prepared homeopathically (potentized) had an extraordinary healing capacity, recovering the functions of the organism. The main idea of his philosophy about isopathy was that the elements that caused the disease could also cure the sane disease, if we potentized them and took them as a medication.

An example to this may be the fact that if you frostbit your hand, then to heal it, you will use the same “harmful” agent (cold). You will put your hand in the cold water, and that will heal it. However, if you put your hand in the hot water, then it will cause burns and will damage the tissues. In this particular case, the agent (cold), which has caused the damage (frostbitten hand), will also provide the cure, i.e. like cures like – this is the main rule of homeopathy, and isopathy is a part of it.

Isopathy has been developing in various directions. From one side, they started using homeopathically prepared viruses (in fact, it was a memory of the viruses recorded in the homeopathic medication). This helped to cure diseases caused by these viruses. In other cases, taking “memory” of hepatitis A, for example, is a method of prevention, which would assist the formation of the immune memory on the cell level. This is much safer than the modern methods of immunization; moreover, it helps to normalize side effects of the modern immunizations.

Here’s the example. Fifteen-year-old boy was brought to me with the symptoms of a chronic fatigue. He has been at many consultations of the various doctors who couldn’t find any reason for his sufferings and recommended starting taking antidepressants. Since the parents of this boy did not believe he had a depression, they continued looking for other ways of treatment, which eventually has brought them to me.

After a long conversation with the boy, I have found out that the main symptoms appeared after he had been vaccinated against hepatitis B three times during six-seven months period. The vaccinations followed one after another. It’s become clear to me that this boy’s chronic fatigue was nothing else than a blockage of the liver function formed as a result of the vaccination. I gave him homeopathically prepared memory of the vaccination (hepatitis B) one million diluted.

This dilution carries only a memory of the virus; it is not dangerous and it does not carry any actual virus in it. During his two-month homeopathic treatment, the boy has noticed an improvement. That showed me, as a homeopath, that the blockage, caused by vaccination three years ago, was apparently gone, and now the organism will go through recovering processes, which, of course, will take time but definitely will lead to full recovery later.

Another case: a twelve - year –old girl had a chronic eczema with extensive skin damage. The parents decided that they would not vaccinate their girl, as they were afraid of the side effects of vaccination (worsening of eczema). To provide at least a minimal protection against hepatitis A, we gave her homeopathically prepared memory of hepatitis A twice a year. During three years since then and till now, the child has never been affected by hepatitis.

The isopathy is very popular in treating the herpes virus (especially Genital Herpes), which today nobody can cure. Homeopathically prepared medicine, which carries the memory of this virus, often helps my patients never to experience any recurrences of this virus again. I couldn’t see these results when practicing medicine as a medical doctor.

The same amazing results I also observed when I treated H. pylori bacteria – bacteria in duodenum bulb. The patients with all clinical and laboratory proofs of the disease began to experience a considerable improvement and then – full recovery (confirmed by the blood test) after taking homeopathically potentized H. pylori bacteria during one month.

How does the process of recovery happen? My understanding of this process is as follows: a disease in its chronic form is a state of the organism when it does not understand that there is something out of balance in it. Organism takes a disease as a norm. The cause of this disease, homeopathically prepared and introduced into the organism in a form of homeopathic medicine – which carries a memory of the cause within - suddenly awakens the immune system and allows the organism to develop reactions directed toward self-recovery. This process resembles very much a process of immunization; only instead of the dangerous vaccines, which often cause side effects, we use absolutely safe homeopathic pills or tinctures. This is the main effect of the isopathy action and its underlying philosophy.

Today we make medications out of urine, saliva, nasal, throat, skin and vaginal discharge. The materials get packed into the sterile dishes and go to the homeopathic laboratory where homeopathic medicine is prepared according to the corresponding homeopathic rules.