Calcarea Carbonica type: this type of the patient presents us with slow moving body, inaccurate, with thickened skin, saggy cheeks, hands are usually cold and moist.

Calcarea Carbonica types are quiet, cautious, impressionable, and extremely sensitive. They are overweight, always feel cold rather than warm. They are not very friendly and warm towards the outsiders but have great warmth and love towards the close family members.

This type feels better in warm rooms without the supply of fresh cool air, and is extremely stubborn. They prefer sweet foods, starchy foods, eggs and oysters, but dislike coffee and milk. General fears are: darkness and ghosts, incurable illness, poverty, mice, and sunder storms. There are many other aspects of profiling each type which I will not list as it can go on and on. An example of Calcarea Carbonica type can be seen in a man who was a bank teller all his life without a struggle to succeed and to climb the structural ladder to become a manager or a financial adviser, they seem to stay constantly in the same spot, doing the same daily activities even if such activities bring little financial gain.

They seem not to care too much about money or the materialistic things compare to other types and thus are usually are satisfied with what they can survive on as long as they do not end up on the street. This particular type is usually always dependant on the more materialistic partner who is in fact supporting them financially. A manager wife would encourage this bank teller to get a higher position and to relocate but he would get mad and aggravated with the answer: “do not bother me, let me stay where I feel comfortable, I do not want to take two buses so that I will make three hundred dollars a month more”, in other words they do not go after a future potential which requires hard work and are usually lazy without ambitions.