What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a medical approach that utilizes medicines that stimulate the body’s own immune system to initiate the healing process. It is an approach that individualizes medicines according to the person’s physical, emotional, and mental symptoms. 

This basic law of homeopathy is the “similia similibus currentur”: “let like be cured with like”. The first homeopathic principle states that any substance that can make you ill can also cure you – anything that is capable of producing symptoms of disease in a healthy person can cure those symptoms in a sick person

How does homeopathic treatment work?

The Laws of Cure
Constatine Hering, M.D. (1800 – 1880), the father of American homeopathy, was one of the first to make note of specific ways that healing progresses.

  • As someone is cured, symptoms move from the innermost organs of the body (those most vital to life) to the outer organs. Someone with asthma may develop an external skin rash as part of the curative process. Or someone with heart disease (serious, life threatening) may experience stomach or bowel problems during the process of cure. Or someone with headache may undergo a day or two of fever and sweating as a part of their cure.
  • Hering’s second observation was that healing progressed from the top of the body to the bottom. Thus a person with arthritis in many joints will generally notice relief in the upper part of the body prior to the lower part. An understanding of this aspect of healing helps homeopaths to differentiate true cures from temporary relief or a placebo response.
  • The third observation was that the healing proceeds in reverse order of the appearance of symptoms. Thus, the most recent symptoms experienced, generally will be the first to be healed. Symptoms that have been suppressed in the past will resurface during the process of cure and often do so in the reverse order from their original sequence. Homeopaths are pleased when a person informs them that one of their old symptoms has returned. The suppression of a disease usually leads to a more deep-seated illness surfacing. For example, many children whose eczema has been ‘successfully’ treated with steroid creams may suffer form asthma at a later age. Homeopaths believe that suppression of the eczema has caused asthma. Successful homeopathic treatment involves the eczema reappearing at some point.

What should I take homeopathic remedies or chemically composed pills?

Conventional drugs: chemically composed, may have numerous side effects, expensive, and addictive.

Homeopathic remedies: derived from natural sources, all naturally  composed, effective, no side effects, non addictive, cost appealing

How to Take Homeopathic Remedies?

The remedies should be kept in cool, dark place. Be careful not to touch the tablets when taking them, pour the tablets into the cap and then into your mouth, allowing them to dissolve under your tongue.

There are just few guidelines to consider when using Homeopathy. Avoid eating anything 30 minutes before or after taking the remedy. If you are experiencing an aggravation of your symptoms after the homeopathic remedies, you can neutralize them by taking antidotes (drink a cup of coffee for example).

How Do I know If It’s Working?

As a healing process takes place many physical symptoms change, here are some common symptoms which are experienced by many people prior to complete healing or a substantial improvement:

  • You start feeling tired and exhausted, you may feel very sleepy and will want to go to bed around 5-7 pm, due to rapid detoxification the body starts to adjust itself.
  • You may experience a sudden beginning of the stiffness in the neck, shoulders, and lower back as the toxins accumulated in muscular and skeletal system are being excreted.
  • Vivid dreams are common; you will be able to memorize a particular portion of the dream throughout the day.
  • You may experience a substantial worsening in the beginning of the treatment, old symptoms which became long forgotten reappear quite frequently as the toxins are discharged and old symptoms often reappear.
  • Sweats, urinary and fecal discharges become more frequent having foul, unpleasant smells due to rapid detoxifications through intestines, urine, sweat glands, etc.
  • Sudden skin eruptions on face and other parts of the body as skin is one of the detoxification pathways from inside to outside, acne, eczema, dermatitis, etc.
  • You may experience cold or flu which may last an unusually long period of time with thick mucous discharges from the nose and throat as the toxins being moved out through mucous membranes.
  • The detoxification of the nervous system is seen as increased irritability, nervousness, depression, and agitation, etc.

These are the symptoms which we are happy to see. The reason for the discharges, coughs, sweats, foul smelling stools, skin eruptions is the detoxification process which was initiated by the homeopathic remedies chosen appropriately and correctly. Toxins will be excreted from the inner parts of the body where they were accumulating for many years by channels of those discharges. Some patience and sacrifice is required from the patients as they may have to go through an uncomfortable feeling for a long time.

How long does it take a person to go through homeopathic treatment cycle, how long does it take for a person to be healed or to start feeling an improvement?

To answer these questions would depend on the age of the person (a young person heals/changes faster). Homeopathy stimulates the body to heal itself and the younger body reacts quicker. It also depends on the number of problems/symptoms being treated. Sometimes the whole body is involved and the various systems of the body have to be treated separately and then integrated together.

The main idea in healing with homeopathy is to stimulate the body to heal itself, but if a person has five or ten different sicknesses, we have to produce five or ten different reactions, which we can’t do at the same time because the body only has so much energy to deal with during the healing process. We have to go in one direction at the time.

Very often, before we can start in any one direction, we have to prepare the body first, and preparation can take sometimes up to two, three or four months. We have to prepare the body by detoxifying the liver and the kidneys, the large intestines and other filter systems in the body and make sure they are functioning well together to eliminate the toxins being released. Once the system is prepared, we can move ahead and treat the various diseases and symptoms. First, we open the doors and windows of the body (as in cleaning a house) to ensure normal function of the organs and the hormonal systems, as well as the emotional and psychological states.

Sometimes the entire process may take nine or ten months’ treatment with homeopathic medicines, taking short breaks; sometimes six or seven months. With some people, depending on the number of chronic conditions being treated and the age of the patient, it could take even longer.

Miraculous results do not happen overnight. Sometimes the body has been in imbalance for many years due to food and drug abuses, such as too much junk food, sugar, alcohol, food chemicals, lack of exercise, emotional stress, etc. These conditions cannot be cured in one month.  In addition people have to learn to break old habits of eating, etc. and to learn to deal with their stress and rebuild their bodies both physically and emotionally

What reaction to homeopathic medicine or predictable effects of homeopathic medicine could be?

In many cases when we give homeopathic medicine in our patients, we expect some type of reaction will occur sooner or later, either in the first set of homeopathic medicine or in the second set of homeopathic treatments, depending on how strong the patient’s organism is, their age, how long they have had the disease, etc.

In many cases the original symptoms increase, for example: if you have a pain in your back, you will get more pain in your back; if you have pain in your stomach, you will get more pain in your stomach; if you have a chronic cough, you will get more coughing; if you have asthma, you will get an increase of asthma; if you have chronic constipation, you will get more constipation – whatever you have will increase in the first step of homeopathic treatment. In the second step, the body starts to move towards balance and usually our patients get much better.

Could homeopathic medicine be harmful for the person?

Sometimes the patient having reaction to homeopathic treatment gets really scared and stops taking it in mid-treatment. Homeopathic medicine cannot make any conditions worse. They do not offer any danger because they are made of natural herbs and minerals and are used in very high dilutions. We expect some type of reactions, and this is why we call them predictable reactions.

Predictable worsening of the symptoms is the result of energetic changes in the body, the result of the cleansing effect of the treatment, and the result of a system retracing its medical history to correct previous conditions.

Could homeopathic medicine be used for children?

Homeopathic medicine is particularly effective and beneficial for children, and the healing process goes much faster. Often children are treated as young as one month old, or even during pregnancy, if the mother is experiencing a lot of stress, negative emotions, or is ill due to the use of antibiotics, etc. In the majority of the cases treatment has been very successful and quick, compared with an older person. Young children are still flexible, strong, have not yet been “polluted” excessively by various antibiotics and genetically modified foods, and have lots of energy to make the necessary changes.

Should I stop other drugs when taking homeopathic medicine?

No, if you are on any drugs/ treatment for any problems, you should first let your Homeo doctor know about it.  He will advise you how to take your drugs along with your Homeo medicines.

How homeopathic medicines should be taken?

Generally, it is taken in the following manner.

  • If your medicine is in the shape of tablets or pellets, it should be dissolved under the tongue in a clean mouth.
  • Smoking, eating or drinking anything (except plain water if necessary) soon after taking the medicine should be avoided.
  • If your medicine is in the shape of drops, it should be taken in about 1/2 cup of plain water.
  • Homeopathic medicine should preferably be taken either at least 15 minutes before meals or an hour after, unless your homeopath has advised differently.
  • Try to avoid touching the tablets by hand.