Silicea type: they present us with the following features: shy, delicate, and well-behaved but lack stamina.

Intelligent, tidy, pale delicate skin and fine hair. They are prone to cracked lips, and usually have brittle, rough, and yellowish nails. Food preference: cold foods, raw vegetables, salads, and ice cream. They dislike meat and cheese, milk, and warm foods. They are stubborn, not aggressive but will continue to do whatever they think is the best based on personal judgment.

They hate to bargain and will stay on the offer which in their mind is reasonable according to the performance or quality of product. They do not have too many friends but have good relationships with the ones they have. Silicea types have numerous health complains such as: asthma, chronic diarrhea, skin problems. They are very picky regarding small details, they must make sure that everything is in order thus the house is always clean, clothing is neat, hair and nails are cut short, they usually work as computer experts, dentists, dental technicians, sculptors and other tiny detail oriented people.

They prefer to stay with the same partner throughout their life as they do not seek sexual excitement, but rather concentrate on the meticulous job in order to achieve perfection from which the inner happiness arises. Silicea type quite frequently feels that he cannot perform a certain task or job due to absence of talent or skill, nonetheless they are very fast learners and are able to perform managerial duties well. After seeing success they will be more competent and will slowly try more and more, however failure in the first task will discourage them to complete this particular procedure as a whole.