Through the nails it is possible to calculate what kinds of imbalances are occurring in the body and also to calculate mineral deficiencies, etc.

We recognize about forty-five main changes in the nails that indicate certain disease – hormonal imbalance; mineral imbalance, which is related to hormonal imbalance, like losing calcium and potassium from the system; diseases of the liver, large intestine, gall bladder and so on. In this way we have an ability to investigate and determine the general condition of the body through an observation of how the nails look and through observation of any changes that occur in the nails.

With this information we are able to think about what kind of condition the patient has and also we are able to monitor any changes, because as soon as the patient starts getting better the nails change to indicate the improved health of the individual. Conversely, if the condition worsens, this will also become evident through the condition of the nails.

The Liver Manifests in the Nails

Chinese medicine sees the nails as belonging to the tendons, hence the connection with the Liver. If Liver  Blood is healthy then the nails will be strong and moist. If there is a problem with Liver Blood, then this is likely to lead to thin, brittle and pale nails.