Natrum Muriaticum type: these people are extremely sensitive and refined, introverted, easily wounded by criticism or insults, nonetheless, they appear stoical and self-reliant (similar to ignatia).

They impose loneliness on themselves even though they do enjoy the company of other people. Either sandy or dark haired, they have pale, puffy, and shiny facial skin. The eyes appear watery, and the eyelids appear red, the lower lip is often cracked in the middle. They prefer sour foods like beer and sauerkraut, milk, and starchy foods like bread and rice. Chicken and coffee are not on their favorite list, the general fears are: insanity, loosing self-control, death, darkness, being late, and failure in business.

Natrum Muriaticum types will never forget and forgive somebody who did intentionally hurt them either physically or emotionally, unlike some other types who do forget this after a while and can even make friends from enemies if it benefits them (sulphur type), natrum muriaticum would never do that and thus will remain distant forever. An example of such could be a natrum muriaticum wife who accidentally discovered about her husband’s love affairs on the side and either tried to hurt him physically or would divorce and will never see him again.

A child of natrum muriaticum type will not let his parents touch or kiss him if he feels something was done unfair to him in comparison to his younger brother, he will only let them get close again if the fairness is restored. Because of the fact that this type is so easily wounded they would be very picky and assertive when choosing a spouse or someone they trust, they would hate to sacrifice their peace of mind for other’s mistakes. Therefore, if they feel trusty or very comfortable with a person rather than being blindly in love like ignatia type, they would go for the peace of mind and security.