Arsenicum Album type: These people appear thin, stylish, well-groomed, and aristocratic looking.

They have fine features, delicate skin, fine hair, often appear worrisome, irritable, nervous, with sweating body. They are perfectionists by nature and thus have “all or nothing attitude”, if they cannot achieve excellence in what they do, then they will most often abandon it and will switch to something where they can exceed others.

Arsenicum Album types are particularly critical and intolerant of disorder and imprecision. They prefer warm foods and drinks, fatty foods, olive oil, sweet and sour foods. Poverty and incurable illnesses are their most feared things. Arsenicum Album types are extremely attentive towards their health, unlike any other types. An example could be a woman waking up in the morning and finding a couple of pimples with dry mouth, she could get really paranoid and run to the specialist that same day in order to find out what is going on with her body.

They may take showers several times a day, wash hands after every handshake, brush their teeth and floss immediately after a meal, at least two to three times a day, you will never see nails which are not neatly filed after cutting. They are scared of being poor and see money as a secure future, thus you can often see a child of wealthy Arsenicum Album type always having to work in order to pay for post secondary education (unlike sulphur type who loves money just because it gives power and wealth). Many have two or three jobs and a side business thus becoming workaholics, they do not really care about the opposite sex and stay with one single partner whom they treat fairly well, till the end, as they have usually materialistic priorities and a romance is their last thought.