We recognize about fifty-seven different personal profiles and about fifty-seven different combinations of types.

The determination of the correct profile of the patient based on the physical, emotional, and other symptoms will help us determine the particular list of needed homeopathic formulas and dosage for the specific patient.

Quite often, I find it very hard to profile a particular patient as so many people now days have a mix of two or even three types. Furthermore, there are many sub types who have particular features of one type and the same amount of features which completely contradict this very same type. It is my goal to determine which particular type or in many cases what mixes of types does the patient consist of.

One of the reasons that I myself often follow the French school of combinatory homeopathic style is simply due to the fact that I can profile a patient according to two or more homeopathic types. Therefore, I would administer five or more homeopathic remedies aimed specifically to match the constitutional type, knowing that at least two or more remedies will certainly trigger the needed response.

Nonetheless, I still use the style of classical homeopathy in some cases where I can clearly see a picture corresponding to a specific homeopathic constitutional type and its physical and mental symptoms. I frequently administer naturally prepared homeopathic tinctures to support the action of specific homeopathic constitutional remedies due to their detoxification and regenerative properties. Many people have reactions after a dosage of correctly chosen remedy and the tinctures prepared from organic wildlife and plants drastically reduce these effects.

As you already know, the correct reaction will force the inner disease which was in hiding for so long to surface to the outer surfaces such as skin. So the occurrence of eczema, itchiness, sweating become frequent and bothersome to many patients who may suspect the overall worsening of their health and thus ineffective homeopathic treatment.

The tinctures lessen such effects and provide the needed support for organism which may get tired or overworked due to a need of increased inner energy it uses to drain the toxins outside. These tinctures may be compared to the gasoline you are filling your car with, something like premium plus compare to the regular gasoline which would increase the performance of the engine. Especially it is very beneficial for the elderly whose levels of inner energy are not the same as in the younger patients, they surely need more of the natural tinctures to cope with stress caused by the detoxification process of the organism.