Lachesis type: this type of the patient is very energetic and requires little sleep as the energy levels refill at short intervals.

They can be jealous, envious, sly, persistent, hard working, passionate, self-destructive, and meticulous. Many people will not be able to determine this type as all the characteristics hide under the friendly face. They cannot tolerate alcohol, spicy and sour foods. Some of the stimulants like coffee and nicotine are well tolerated while the others are not.

They love to talk and need constant interaction with people. Lachesis types usually have different alternative relationships, thus divorce and affairs are common. Lachesis types find themselves vacillating between love and hate for their partner. Although they posses great creative energy, it may be sporadic and ill-sustained. They fear water, poisoning, burglars, and suffocation.

They are often religious people who always feel like there is a physical body and another spiritual body affected by higher beings. The example could be a lachesis type child who stole some change from his mother’s pocket and feels extremely guilty about it as the inner voice always tells him that he committed a sin. Quite frequently the change will be returned due to this inner voice which will not leave the child alone.

An example could also be seen in a school teacher who always helps a particular student with extra activities, and one day suddenly in front of the other classmates humiliates and exposes the same student, later becoming nice and kind again, willing to sacrifice everything for the student who now has really questionable feelings towards this “double faced teacher”.