Nux vomica type: these people are high strung, energetic, competitive, ambitious, achievers, they work and play very hard, and are highly critical of others insisting on good performance and perfection.

Nux vomica types are mentally and verbally agile, expressing themselves with brisk clarity and flashes of ironic wit. They are impatient and may easily explode with anger, at that time their faces flush red and they make shake from anger. Nux vomica types are usually lean, tense-looking, with sallow skin, and dark circles under the eyes. They have extremely high sex drive and thus often sacrifice their marriage as one person is usually not enough in the relationship.

They prefer rich, fatty foods, high-fat cheese, coffee, alcohol, and spicy foods, however, sweets and raw vegetables are not of their favorites. The general fears are: death, failure in business, water, and heights. They frequently suffer from problems associated with poor function of liver, bowels, and stomach. They consume lots of fatty, spicy, and salty foods, after a while such foods are not well tolerated and cause upset stomach, loss of appetite, and vomiting. Many become vegetarians against their dislike for raw vegetables as they become more assertive towards what they eat.

They cannot tolerate any loud noises and bright lightning, thus it is common to see them wearing sunglasses even during the bright, cloudy day. These people end up in managerial and executive positions as they are hard working and demand the same from everyone else. An example could be a casino manager who openly criticized and humiliated a slot machine supervisor in front of everyone, even though this person was a relative of an influential member of the Nevada State Gaming Commission, and could later bring damage to this manager by his influential ties.

Nux Vomica type does not care what the other party feels or who they are, they will swear, and may even hit such person when feeling mad. Many don’t care about the consequences or what may follow after their brutal actions.