Gemmotherapy as Biotherapy was explored and implemented in the clinical practice by Dr. Poe Henry.

Today in Europe Gemmotherapy is extensively prescribed by homeopaths who perfectly combine homeopathy with Gemmotherapy, which is believed to be a contemporary method of drainage. A person is considered as one entity that during his life is constantly affected by all kinds of chemicals: these are chemical and hormonal additives and preservatives in the food, such as modified corn, glycerin, malic acid, artificial flavor, tricalcium phosphate, sodium citrate, potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, monosodium glutamate, monopotassium glutamate, glutamic acid, calcium casinate, sodium casinate, hydrolyzed protein, yeast extract, textured protein and gelatin.

There is also an enormous effect of chemicals that we consume with food and water (chlorine, fluoride), toothpaste (fluoride), soap, shaving cream, body deodorant, birth control pills and hormone-replacement pills, vitamins and minerals – all this is a very heavy burden that falls to the secretory systems, which get blocked on the inner-cell level.  That leads to the metabolic disorders and to the secretory blockage.  This, in turn, leads to the accumulation of toxic components and free radicals in the tissues, which results, in turn, in the functional disintegration of the many organs and systems.

Homeopathic Drainage on the Cell Level:Mechanism of Action of Homeopathic Preparations

Dinas: kidney, liver, pancreas, spleen, etc.Rosmarinus, Juniperus

Homeopathic medication diluted in water rewrites its information on the water molecules of the organism, which changes their orientation and penetrates the cell structures of the organs, where they transmit recorded information – this is the beginning of the process.  Information is the energy (a frequency in vibration of the plant, which this medication has been made of), and it is this energy that wakes up the “sleeping” cells and makes them move and start a process of detoxification.  A process of detoxification will discharge the toxic elements (we will call them the products of decay) that due to one or another reason have not been removed from the organism and have been accumulating in it, leading to the blockage of the secretory systems.  As a result of this energetic impact the metabolism of the cells gets much stronger (metabolic processes on the cell level, which, in turn, speeds up the opening of the secretory canals).

As you understand, once the process has started on the cell level it does not progress as quickly as say lightning but has a very slow speed.  It takes, of course, time from the moment when the information gets rewritten on each cell and initiates the awakening of the cells for the secretion, till the moment when this information gets transmitted to the organ and begins balancing its work.  It takes approximately nine-ten months depending on the level of intoxication, the age of the patient and the condition of his or her secretory organs and systems.  Besides, it certainly takes time for the organ to go through several energetic changes and to create new functional links with the other organs.  Here are, for example, a few functional links:

Liver – Pancreas – Intestines

Intestines – Gallbladder

Liver – Thyroid – Pancreas

Kidneys – Liver – Pancreas

After this stage of the balance, which includes integration on the level of the systems, an organism will step up to a new level in the progression occurring throughout the energetic balance.  It is the level that is interpreted as homeopathic improvement or recovery.

Unfortunately, we cannot always get to the recovery process quickly enough, as the majority of our patients come to us with a huge “bouquet” encompassing chronic conditions and diseases, with the blockage of secretory canals existing for years.  In those cases we certainly cannot talk about the recovery, but we do try to stabilize their condition and to keep it under control on a certain level.  This, of course, depends on the psychological readiness of the patient's willingness to change their life style: to become more physically active, to keep a proper diet and a nutrition schedule, to be patient and to expect neither a recovery that will come in a matter of a week nor a miracle. 

There are no miracles: a person who has not physically moved for years, who has pushed into his or her system all kinds of carbohydrates, preservatives, chemical additives and alcohol, cannot get healthy in one month!  Recovery on the cell level takes a long period of time.  That is why when I hear from patients that the enema cleansing the bowels or a cup of olive oil with lemon juice has cured them, or that they believe these ingredients can cure them, I smile in my head and let them check it out.  Time is the best judge, it usually shows who is right.

It is always a pleasure for me to work with a responsible patient, who is up to serious treatment and is ready to work hard to achieve the results that are required in order to cure their ailments.  However, very often I meet the other type of patients, who want an immediate effect – tomorrow or right away!  In this case the only thing they can do is to take Tylenol or Tylenol Extra-Strength, , as only this medication or the other pharmaceutical drugs provide an immediate effect of temporary relief for which there is an unavoidable payment.

There is always a purpose in the nature, if you suffering from the pain in the lower back this is a way of an alert from your organism which is trying to let you know that something is wrong. Furthermore, due to this pain you will be more careful as to prevent the further damage to the lower back by reduction of some movements, Tylenol extra strength will take away the pain, and you can move freely again, but guess what? Should you really move freely as you have done before, maybe not, as you may damage your lower back muscles even more. Your organism is the perfect messenger for you, learn how to listen and understand it, it will save you lots of misfortunes and problems related to your health later in life.