Ignatia type: This type of people present us with: thin body, dark circles under the eyes, dark hair, sunken face, cracked lips, bright, excitable, sensitive, and precocious.

They like sour foods such as vinegar and pickles, dairy foods, and bread. However, coffee, sweets, alcohol, and fruits are not on their list of favorite foods. They fear being hurt emotionally, loosing self control, and enclosed spaces and crowds. Ignatia types have peaceful and happy facial expressions, but do suffer inside, they hate to show their inner state of mind to others as in their opinion nobody will really care and it is not important from the business prospective.

They are very romantic and will not consider anything else if they are in love. They are ready for self-sacrifice and will do anything for somebody they love, unlike some of the other types who will sacrifice only for they own goals, or for others if it benefits them. An example of such relationship could be an ignatia type woman who fell in love with a man much younger than her own age. She was well educated, professionally employed and did not care about the age or financial situation of the man.

Once she felt that she was in love she was ready to give anything for that relationship, thus the man took advantage of her trust and used her for the financial gain. Later, when she realized what happened, she got depressed and was in grief, but did not show any emotions to her close friends and colleagues. This is opposite of some other feminine types who will never take such uncalculated risks to sacrifice their financial stability and will stay with the husband whom they do not love but who is fully supportive about finances and security (pulsatilla type).