Phosphorus type: these people look thin and elegant, they are always smiling, happy, and have beautiful looks and thin soft skin.

When they are happy or shy they may flush with red face very often. Their eyelashes are long, and the eyes are always a little closed with sparking energy which attracts the people towards them, thus they have many friends from all walks of life. They are very affectionate and kind towards others. Many become doctors, nurses, volunteers, etc.

Preference for foods: salty and spicy foods, cold drinks, ice cream, wine and cheese. This type is very intuitive and can feel what the letter will say prior to opening an envelope. Phosphorus always tries to attract opposite sex to come to him/her first. This is why a divorce rate is very high among the people of this type. They always need to feel new, like to change jobs, spouses, places of residence, etc. Many people of this type have special artistic skills, thus they have hobbies or professions corresponding to those such as painters, movie producers, actors, etc.

They love themselves and live life to the fullest. An example could be a person wearing nice and elegant clothing, constantly traveling, and partying, even though he does not have the funds to cover all the expenses. They end up paying higher credit card bills, borrowing money from friends, and spending everything they have gained in one night.