Psychological homeopathy is one part of general homeopathic medicine.

In psychological homeopathy we divide people into different types of personalities, dependent upon how a person looks, their shape, likes, dislikes, the nature of their personal relationships, how they understand life and their different reactions as they go through life.

Very often when we try to cure any type of a disease, we have to find psychological connections between the physical and mental levels. We try to see the whole person with mental, physical and metaphysical connections.

We often find people who have lost someone important from their lives and have experienced grief, developing some physical disease a few years later. For example, I have had cases where people develop Grohn’s disease or chronic colitis, and we have proof today from medical research which shows that chronic colitis is related to mental and emotional imbalance. Quite frequently people get new attacks of chronic colitis, following a stressful situation in their lives, just as some people often develop migraine headaches as the result of stress and psychological imbalance.

I had one case where a woman expressed hatred for her husband but remained with him for the sake of the children. Suddenly she stopped menstruating, which was a metaphysical signal that the body was protesting sexual relations with this man. When we started to treat her homeopathically, her menstruation cycle came back and her hormonal balance improved greatly.

In physical conditions, in 60-70% of the cases we can see connections to the metaphysical level and to the spiritual level of the person being treated. This is what we call psychological homeopathy, which helps us to provide investigation and find out what exactly is wrong with this person. We attempt to discover why this person is suffering, why this person has depression, why this person is unable to lose weight, has insomnia, has chronic shoulder or back pain, or whatever the case may be. In many cases we can find answers.

One of my patients suffered chronic guilt for having left her husband because she no longer loved him and, in fact, actually felt a deep-seated hatred for him. Later, when she found out something happened to him, she somehow felt responsible and experienced a great deal of grief and guilt. From that time she started to develop problems with the digestive system. Of course, any help she got from medical doctors did not alleviate the problem. It was impossible to cure her digestive system because the problem was a reaction to the guilt she had felt over a three-year period. When we did an investigation we found her grief had taken a central position in her personality. She was given homeopathic medicine, which relieved this suppression and feelings of personal guilt, and in a few months she started to feel much better, and her digestive system improved.

I had another man who lost his wife in a car accident after which he developed a terrible pain in his back between the shoulders. A homeopathic investigation showed this person was experiencing chronic grief and was unable to forget his wife. He was thinking about her more and more as time passed. When we started to use homeopathic medicine to relieve suppression of grief and to eliminate this active centre of memory from his subconscious, for the first time in many years he started to feel better and to sleep better, and more importantly he stopped dreaming about his wife at night.

The investigation of dreams is another means of determining treatment. Very often I ask people what they see in their dreams, what kind of activities they do in their dreams, what kind of colors they see, etc. because dreams can give us information about the subconscious, and then we can have better success in understanding the personality of the person. In one case, one of my female patients revealed she was always fighting with her husband in her dreams. Normally she was a very quiet, shy person, and it became clear to me she was suppressing her feelings. She wanted to argue and fight to express her point of view but because of her education and upbringing and because her husband suppressed her personality at home, she was not able to express herself in real life. In order to restore physical balance, it is necessary to first treat this suppression of emotions.

Psychological homeopathy is a part of general homeopathy, and we cannot divide physical homeopathy and psychological homeopathy because in many cases diseases are based on the psychological situations of our patients.

I will give you another example. I had one 45-year-old woman who had never had a happy marriage because when she was a girl of ten or twelve years old, her father sexually abused her. From that time she had great fears around issues of sex and consequently was never happy with her husband.  She was never able to have normal sex with him. They eventually got divorced because of her coldness, which had been an ongoing problem throughout her life. When she came to me, it was because of chronic constipation (one of the symptoms of general suppression of emotions). In psychological research I learned about her background, and a medicine was selected to relieve the chronic grief that she had experienced since childhood. As she started to feel better, she surprisingly realized she now wanted to have a relationship, and after four months of the treatment she indicated her growing interest in having a sexual relationship, something she had always feared in the past.

I had another patient who was sexually abused as well. Any time she experienced stress in her life she developed hemorrhoids. No medicine seemed to help. When the connection was made between the sexual abuse of many years ago and the hemorrhoids and constipation, which recurred in times of distress, a medicine was selected for her to relieve her suppression of the sexual abuse. This resulted in a great improvement in her condition as well.

In many cases, physical problems have deep roots in the subconscious level, and these roots continue to trigger imbalances in the body system, which could later lead to the development of cancer. In one lady, who grew up in a very religious environment where it was not acceptable to think or talk about sex, such feelings were suppressed, and at age 46 she developed fibroids in her uterus. In the beginning I was not aware of her sexual suppression, and when it became known to me, she was treated with the appropriate homeopathic medicine, and her life began to change quite dramatically. She decided to divorce her husband and to find and build a totally different relationship. A few months later the fibroids had almost disappeared, and she was a much happier person. When she stopped suppressing her hormonal level, her uterus responded, and her spirit returned as her hormonal balance was restored.

Homeopathic psychology understands and recognizes that different people have different personalities. Some people are open, others are closed, some like to talk, others like to listen. Lycopodium is used when people feel insecure about themselves and very often these people develop fears about financial insecurity. They fear running out of money but will not show their fear to anyone close to them. They do not want their wife, girlfriend, children, etc. to be aware of their deep-seated fear. This type of suppression affects all those around them. Lycopodium relieves the fears and pressure and restores the person to a happy normal life. I have treated many patients with lycopodium who were virtually working around the clock to make more and more money to help save themselves from a black day.

Sepia is an effective treatment in cases such as the businesswoman who came to me experiencing constant guilt because she did not spend enough time caring for her children, her husband and her personal life. All of her attention was focused on business and her attempts to gain recognition from society. She was only happy when she worked as she felt this gave her the money, recognition and respect that she needed. As soon as she left the public arena and came home, she felt guilt, lost her energy and had nothing left over to give. She did not have the energy to cook or take any interest in her home life and family. This type of person responds well to Sepia, which helps bring about balance in their lives.

Another type which we call ‘the tired housewife’, is a woman who doesn’t take care of herself, doesn’t care about what kind of clothes she’s wearing or her general appearance when she goes out in public. She is constantly tired – of her life, her husband, her children and responsibilities - and this leads to personal depression. Again Sepia is very effective in bringing about changes and improvements in these cases.

Homeopathic medicine does not change anything in a person if everything is fine. It just helps the body balance and to make a correction if something is not right. If, during a period of a year, something was not in balance, homeopathic medicine is excellent, but it is incorrect to think that it can change your personality and make you do something that you would not do without this medicine. What it does is help you make true connections with yourself, with who you are, with your spirit, with God and with the Universe. With these connections, you better understand your place in society; you better understand your position in life, what you are here to do and what your main priorities have to be, compared with what you had before. This is what homeopathic medicine helps you to select and this is what psychological homeopathy does at a deep psychological level.

Of course, when people start to feel better at a psychological level, immediately they will have improvement at the physical level. If you relieve suppression from the person who has suppressed negative emotions over a period of five or ten years, and also this person has  experienced depression or chronic colitis or digestive system problems, naturally the digestive system will improve, colitis will improve, chronic constipation will improve because everything is connected at a deep metaphysical and spiritual level. By restoring the balance at the metaphysical level or emotional level, we can much easily help the system balance itself at the physical level.

Suppression of personal desires, guilt, grief, worries and fears eventually manifests physical symptoms. By improving your personality and relieving fears, you go through changes and adapt your life in the same way you adapt your house, your car and anything else you want to do. When you start feeling better about yourself, when you don’t have suppression and when you do what your heart tells you to do, your life becomes clearer, and you become a happier, more fulfilled person. This is what psychological homeopathy is all about, and what it hopes to achieve.