In homeopathy we believe in creating an individualized formula or plan for each particular type of a patient according to their personality, type of the disease, age, length of sickness, etc.

How we prescribe medicine in homeopathy is somewhat like tailoring a jacket to fit according to your size, personality, etc. If you come back for treatment in two months and your condition has changed, you will be given a completely new prescription, which will be based on the new conditions. In other words, your jacket will be remade to fit the new you.

On the other hand, naturopathic medicine will continue to give you the same thing regardless of any changes. You will continue with the same vitamins, etc. This is why in homeopathy we never know ahead of time what a new prescription will be, this is why we cannot prescribe remedies on the telephone, and why it is important that we see patients in person: to take new measurements and reassess patient's condition before determining the direction of the treatment.

In many ways, homeopathy is a form of art. It sometimes takes a long time and much preparation before we select a remedy, or decide on the right combination of treatment. It is somewhat like selecting and directing music. The art of the director is to put the sound of the music into one nice melody, to create the melody. The music must have a melody just as homeopathy must have rhythm and direction.

If a person comes to you with a problem such as diabetes, for example, which means that the pancreas is involved, then the immune system is involved, the hormonal system is involved, and, from the beginning, the medicine must also be chosen according to he type this person is, their type of personality, etc. Secondly we will prescribe the medicine that will balance the hormonal system. Thirdly we will administer the medicine, which will balance the pancreas itself, and fourthly the medicine must balance this type of personality's immune system.

If the same person comes with other complications such as gynecological problems, irregular menstruation, for example, then our logic will be absolutely different because a new level of problems will have to be taken under consideration, such as the function of the ovaries, pituitary gland, etc. Another person may come to us with diabetes and asthma, for example; then again our calculation will be absolutely different because we will take into consideration the asthma type symptoms.

So the main idea of Dinas Homeopathic Clinic is that we are not trying to cure the symptoms as those are only the branches and leaves of the diseased tree. We need to provide cure for the roots and soil of that tree. We must find out why this patient has diabetes, menstrual problems, and asthma. Only when we find and treat the roots of the problems seated deep inside we can expect serious changes to occur and the health of our patients to improve. As was mentioned earlier, homeopathic medicine is very individual according to one's size, age, disease, personality type, spiritual condition, etc.

On the other hand traditional medicine today treats only the symptoms such as the headache, acidity, etc., while the root of the problem is often ignored. As indicated, homeopathic medicine divides people into different types of personalities and, according to those we can frequently tell what kind of genetic weaknesses the body is prone to, and what part heredity plays in their particular health issues. Some people may have a weak stomach, others weak pancreas, weak heart, weak nervous system, etc.