From the perspective of classical homeopathy all analysis related to physiological and pathological state of the patient’s health are collected by investigative conversation between homeopathic doctor and the patient.

The questionnaire may include various topics such as:

  • Food preferences
  • Fears
  • Physical appearance
  • When do conditions get worse: during the night or day, during the summer or winter months, etc.
  • Personality and temperament

Some of the specific tests offered would contribute further to determine the current bio-energetic state of the organism.

  • Iridology (eye test).
  • Nail reading
  • Tongue observation helps, from ancient Chinese Medicine approach to determine energetic function of various internal organs and systems.
  • Post surgical scar tissue observation (to determine if there is any energetic blockage of the Chinese meridians due to surgical involvement).
  • Non Linear System Investigation Technique / Oberon Test (excellent source of bio-feedback, energetic balance or disbalance confirmation relating to internal organs and their associated structures).