Recently, speaking about cleansing has become very popular. 

Many practitioners, of course, caught this modish word, and started to interpret it very primitively and to recommend even more primitive methods of cleansing to their patients.  In many cases these methods are not the best ones that could be recommended for each individual case, only if those who recommend them would be more educated and trained both in medicine and in alternative medicine.  Very often I meet patients who think they know everything. 

For example, some of them may say something like this: “Doctor, I clean my liver three times a year, I also clean my kidneys and intestines. I constantly take Acidophilus supplements, so I am quite all right with my cleansing.” In these cases I always feel like smiling, because these patients have got the idea of cleansing, simplified to primitivism, from the practitioners who themselves do not understand how complicated the process of detoxification is!

What do we have on the market today?  What methods of cleansing are there?  Let’s talk about them.

Cleansing of Gallbladder and Liver

I think no cleansing of the liver happens, moreover, in some cases such “cleansing” can cause even more damage to the liver. Depending on the author, the cleansing of the liver is usually as follows: half a cup of the olive oil + half a cup of the lemon juice, and then a person takes some laxative.  Usually, in 4-6 hours, the patient gets a diarrhea.  In the stool he can see some pieces of coagulated bile, which can be of a green color and have a soft texture. 

This is a spurt from the gallbladder, and, I have to admit, this method may be used for the cleansing of the gallbladder.  However, if the patient has big stones, they may move and block one of the gallbladder’s ducts, which will lead to the emergency situation, and then to the surgery. In any case, this method does not allow cleaning the organism on the deep, cell level, and of course, does not resolve the liver problem, despite the fact that many people believe in that, especially when they see pieces of the coagulated bile in their stool, that may look like the stones. Many patients tell me: “Doctor, about thirty stones came out of me, but all of them were soft”.  It is clear that these were not stones but the bile coagulated after the contact with the lemon juice.

Colonic Treatment

Colonic treatment is washing of the large intestines with water or with herbal/coffee solutions. This method, in my opinion, is useful for the large intestines as the complex cleaning therapy.  However, as is it has no therapeutic effect. If the patient’s secretory system does not work, then we ask “why”?

There may be many different reasons for that: it may be due to the imbalance of gallbladder or liver; or it may be due to the low fermentative activity of the pancreas.  All these factors may lead to the weakening of the contractile functions of the large intestines, which, in turn, will lead to the constipation and to the toxic elements’ depositions in the different parts of small and large intestines. The washing of the intestines will lead, of course, to its cleaning in the present time, and the patient will feel better; but we cannot expect him to wash his intestines on a daily basis for the rest of his life!

In many clinics a colonic therapy is done by cycles (10-15 treatments.)  But what happens after these treatments are over?  Exactly the same as it was before – the intestines will get back to its usual (toxic) state during the next two-three months, because, as I have mentioned before, in many cases the problem is not in the intestines, but in the other organs (liver, pancreas and gallbladder), providing intestines’ normal functioning.  Without reaching a balance in these organs it is practically impossible to improve the state of the intestines.


Again, many patients do not know how to fast correctly, how to start and how to finish the cycle.  For many patients the active fast-therapy is not indicated at all.  It may even cause harm or the acute condition of their chronic illnesses. Let me show you the following example: a patient for many years has a chronic liver disorder with the certain level of the inner intoxication.  He starts fasting, and after two-three days, he gets an onset of all his existing symptoms.  Why?, because the liver was already weak and was unable to conduct the extra-cleansing or the detoxification of the extra-toxins, which have appeared as a result of fasting. 

The organism starts to release the toxins, and the pressure on the secretory organs doubles and sometimes triples, which not every secretory system can bear.  That is why in many different cases we should take into consideration the abilities of the secretory system for each individual patient.  In many cases I would not recommend to start the process of cleansing with fasting.

The next variant of cleansing is Juice Therapy or Raw Eating.  This variant is the most physiological, and I have nothing against it.  Usually, we can use this method in addition to the main deep homeopathic and herbal methods of cleansing, about which we will talk later. Usually, the most available and effective juices for the opening up of the secretory canals are:

  • Carrot juice (there are large quantities of microelements in it, B-carotene (vitamin A), vitamins B6 and B12);
  • Beet juice (there are also large quantities of microelements in it – Ca, K, Mg, Zn, Cr, Cu);
  • Apple juice (vitamin C, microelements);
  • Cabbage juice;
  • Mixed juices (carrot + apple + broccoli + celery +cabbage)

Drinking of Sufficient Quantity of Water during the day – 7-8 cups

This supports secretory and purifying activities of kidneys.  Of course, even this apparently simple method of cleansing is totally individual for each patient.

For example, this quantity of water is counter-indicated for the people with kidneys and heart edemas, as that would cause the water to retain in the organism, which would worsen the edemas.

Mercury Amalgams from the teeth root canals

For the last ten years more and more information comes from the different parts of the world about new researches confirming a destructive effect of the mercury amalgams on the human health.  Many disorders, as we call them fibro-myalgia, chronic fatigue (the name, given by the doctors, as we do not know what causes this condition, and call it simply “symptom”). 

It is very important (that also has been proved by many doctors, biological dieticians and homeopaths) to perform the right preparation process before the mercury amalgams will be removed from the tooth canal.  Usually, it is a homeopathic preparation, which includes using homeopathically prepared mercury in alternation with its anti-stimulants, trace elements and the general homeopathic support of the secretory canals of liver, kidneys and lymphatic system.

In many cases when the removal of the amalgams is conducted without any homeopathic preparation, the patients get sick even more, and their symptoms are getting worse and are lengthened in duration.  I will explain why. During the years, mercury, being released from the amalgams into the soft tissues of the organism in homeopathic dilutions, slowly causes the intoxication of the organs and systems. 

The organism tries to stop it, and creates a certain balance with the mercury existing in the soft tissues and organs.  When the amalgams get removed, the bigger quantities of mercury (or to be more exact, the more water molecules carrying its memory) start going out of the organism through the secretory systems.  This increases the pressure on the secretory organs (liver, kidneys and lymphatic system) and causes their toxic crises.

Now let’s move on to the methods of natural cleansing, in which I believe deeply.  I have no doubts about their effectiveness, as it was proved during 18 years of my practice as a doctor-homeopath.

Homeopathic Drainage