Pulsatilla type: This type is like a flower (usually a woman), needs constant care and support either from parents or from the husband who is expected to make money and take care of the family.

Usually, they make good housewives and like taking care of children, dislike physical and mental strain, prefer the partner to solve all the problems. They always need reassurance and affection but quite often are selfish and cannot give the same to the partner. Food preferences: rich sweet foods, cakes, pastries, chocolates, cold drinks.

They dislike butter, pork, eggs, and fruits. They are friendly, well-mannered, and are in need of constant company. That is why they have friends of different age groups, and many house pets. Pulsatilla prefers relationship with somebody much stronger than her/him and usually fully follow all the instructions from the more dominant spouse.

An example could be thin and stylish, elegant woman with nice facial features who does not like to compromise and will willingly marry someone much older than her own age even without feeling of love, but as long as she is comfortable with the husband who will treat her well and take care of all her finances. Pulsatilla type is frequently physically, financially, and emotionally dependent on somebody and do not last alone.