Sepia type: this category presents us with the following characteristics: tall and lean, with slim hips, dark hair and brown eyes, yellowish, sweaty skin, constant suffering from chronic headache, pain in the back, constipation, and fatigue.

This type loves his/her family and children but always feels too tired and exhausted to really show love and affection towards them. She may not have too many friends as she thinks it will take too much of her energy levels and efforts to keep the company. Therefore, they love to either stay home or lay on the beach with a book.

They can be career people as they are very hard working and strive for perfection, nonetheless, even though they are extremely polite and well mannered, they almost completely lack the feeling of passion, kindness, and regret.

They prefer sour and sweet foods such as: pickles, lemons, and vinegar, but dislike milk and pork. An example could be successful businesswoman who does not want to get married and have children as she thinks it will take too much effort on her behalf and would compromise her career. A housewife who has to work and perform house duties, who feels constantly tired and fails to show love and affection towards her family members even though she may really love them with all her heart.

A type sepia woman is usually not aggressive but will remember all the unfair bias towards her in the past, and one day all the emotions will come out by sudden explosion of an aggressive feeling. They make many people upset and tired by constant complains about their unfair life, they keep repeating and repeating the same things until the other person becomes tired and angry.