Gemmotherapy – this is a method of organism cleansing, which has been very popular for the last 40 years in Europe. 

In France and Germany doctors have accumulated an enormous practical experience of using the methods of Gemmotherapy in clinics and in their private practice for the biological, active cleansing of the organism.

Gemmotherapy is a therapeutic method of the organism cleansing on the cellullar level!  The method is based on the principles of the homeopathic cleansing and uses plant bud extracts or other embryonic vegetal tissue freshly harvested from the growing plant.

Gemmotherapy is a form of Phytotherapy, which treats under the category of the herbal medicine, and from the experience of the millenniums we know how effective this type of medicine has been for generations of people. Gemmotherapy is a revolutionary, relatively new method of the herbal treatment since Dr. Poe Henry, the pioneer of this method, first published his works on the effectiveness of this method, and began to implement it in his clinical practice.

The basic idea of the method is the following: at herbal treatment a medication is prepared of the grass, roots or seeds of the grown plant, while at Gemmotherapy the tinctures are prepared from the embryonic sprouts of the plants, which are mixed with the glycerin that preserves the major biological and energetic components of the plants. Gemmotherapy is the super active type of Phytotherapy, considering the fact that there are much more biologically active substances in the embryonic parts of plants, comparing to the grown plants.