In my opinion and from the point of view of homeopathic philosophy the local signs of the disease are only reflections of the general process in organism.

For example, knee joint arthritis for a doctor or for a physiotherapist is a local disorder, which would be cured according to the general rules:

1.    Suppression of the disease (antibiotics, ibuprofen, etc.)

2.    Working out this knee joint with the help of physiotherapy

Homeopathic approach would be the following:

Finding out the reason, which caused inflammation of the knee joint; for example, imbalance of the hormonal system that led to the deposit of Ca (2+), (calcium) salts in the knee joint. In this case the treatment of the cause of this inflammation would be a restoration of the balance in the hormonal system, and only then – local working out of the joint by the physiotherapeutic methods of treatment (recovering).

Another example: skin disease – eczema.

Approach of classical medicine: prescription of hormonal ointments containing cortisone or prednisolone, i.e. symptomatic local approach.

Approach of homeopathic philosophy: search for the roots of the disease, search of that very point from which what we see on the skin has begun. As I have mentioned earlier, all we see on the surface is not yet a reason of the disease. It is only a place (in our case it is skin) that reflects inner imbalance. In 80% cases of skin diseases we can find the imbalance in the function of digestive tract – intestines (Irritable Bowel Syndrome, colitis), liver. In that case, when we discover an imbalance in the digestive system, the main direction of our treatment would be restoration of the balance in the organs of the digestive tract, but by all means not the suppression!