We provide an individual patient with a homeopathic formula suitable for his or her individual needs.

Our Goals:

  • To heal not just the symptoms, but the actual disease which has caused the symptoms
  • To promote preventative medicine through balanced nutrition, exercise, and healthy lifestyle
  • To overcome susceptibility to hereditary diseases by learning about the genetic predisposition of the patient
  • To provide the public with affordable fees
  • To research new treatment approaches
  • To select and modify dosage/potency/combination of various homeopathic components to suite a particular patient’s needs
  • To change: components / potency / dosage, as the overall conditions / symptoms of the particular patient change
  • To work in integration with the clinic
  • To provide the public with best quality, best priced, government approved homeopathic remedies
  • To provide an individual patient with a homeopathic formula/remedy suitable for his/her individual needs
  • To provide public with remedies which are manufactured in the similar way of old European traditions, excluding the pollution and inhibition of effectiveness of homeopathic remedies which arise during the production cycle involving the use of machinery based on massive manufacturing process