Lycopodium type: this type is usually thin, slim, may become bold at an early age, always suspecting a lie, scared of direct action, pale skin, does not have any patience at work or at home.

They usually have high expectations of themselves and the surrounding people. They will work very hard if they think it is worth it at the end. He has numerous insecurities about financial matters, relationships, traveling and etc. When somebody is arguing with him he may try to avoid a direct confrontation. They would rather be alone then in the company of many people, often they end up without marriage as they usually rise to the top in the professional and business fields.

They do not like anything abnormal of regular standards: such as clothing style, sexuality, behavior, etc. Lycopodium type will chase something realistic that he after careful evaluation will know will bring him a sure profit. They do not become artists or poets but rather skillful trade people and professionals who studied hard to get secure and safe positions in life.

Therefore, you would never see a lycopodium type gambling in a casino or trying to invest into a stock market. They often occupy positions as general contractors, pharmacists, and skilled labor men. They will not get upset easily, an example could be a man who hears a bad comment behind his back from the colleagues, but in return will fail to react, even inside his own head he will not care as such things are of a least importance to this type.