We operate in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices of the Homeopathic Pharmacopoiea of the USA.

  • Our laboratory is located on site, so as to permit production and supply of homeopathic remedies to our patients immediately on the day and time of their appointment with the doctor.
  • Our quality assurance protocol allows us to control the manufacturing process to the highest degree of safety and quality available to the patients today.
  • Ability to manufacture homeopathic remedies on site provides our patients with affordable prices which do not depend on outside suppliers (our prices had remained the same for over 10 years).
  • Our laboratory is also used for constant research in which we engage in order to develop new formulas to find a unique healing approach for individual patients. An example of such would be: Anxiety 3 complex (The Rescue remedy), Kali Phosphoricum complex, and other drainage tinctures. These are unique remedies developed by our laboratory and not available for sale anywhere else. The positive effects provided by these combinatory style complexes can be observed and proven by thousands of our patients healed over the past years.