Any intoxication from outside (it may be from an environment – water, air or it may be from some chemical food additives, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, creams, cosmetic products, deodorants, etc.) based on something unnatural is environmental intoxication.

For instance, toothpaste, dissolved in the saliva, stays in the organism, year after year causing more and more intoxication with fluoride or some other additions; shampoos, soaps, eau de colognes, shirts after their have been dry-cleaned with chemicals, which get absorbed through the skin; using non-natural cleansing materials for dishwashing and laundry, etc.; use of lipsticks, chemical colorants for hair, eyelashes or eyebrows for a long period of time. All this leads to the intoxication and to the blockage of the elimination systems of the organism. That is why when we speak about the illness with my colleagues, medical doctors, we disagree in many points: what to call a beginning of the illness, where the starting-point is.

For me, the starting-point is a blockage of the elimination canals with the first symptoms of the systems’ functional disintegration. For my colleagues, it is some physical values and their dynamics: changed blood panel, appearance of ulcers, tumours, and stones, high temperature, organs enlargement, etc. That is why the following conception, derived from my understanding of illness, is so important to me: prevention of illness, stopping it at the early stages of the functional disorders, instead of passively waiting until this illness would get to the level of physical, sometimes irreversible, changes. Only then the medical blood tests and X-rays analyses would definitely confirm the presence of diabetes, stones or tumours. But at this stage it would be too late, the precious time would be lost, and to stop the process that has gone so far would be impossible!

How do doctors proceed in order to see and make a record of the first symptoms of intoxication or the beginning of an illness?

To answer this question I will refer you to the sources of the Chinese and East Indian traditional medicine and to the expertise of the doctors in the Middle East.  For millenniums, bit by bit, they have been accumulating experience in reading the organism by examining the eyes (iridology), tongue (Chinese tongue diagnostics), nails (Indian mastery of reading nails), as well as pulse diagnostics (the reading of meridians pertaining to the organism in Chinese medicine).

These are the ancient informative systems, which begin to provide information to the watchful doctor that the illness has already begun, that there is a blockage in the secretory canals, (which can clearly be seen by the changed status in the nails due to the blockage of the mineral metabolism – please see the photos with the provided examples).

You can also see the pronounced changes in the structure and color of the eye pupil and the iris, and, of course, the changes on the tongue's surface. 

For me these are the main diagnostic criteria, when I am looking for early disorders, which have not yet turned into an organic imbalance, meaning that changes are not yet being shown in the blood, urine or in X-rays.  It is these early signals indicating the secretory systems imbalance that are the most important diagnostic criteria for us.  These are the windows through which we can look into the organism and understand where the beginning of the illness first originated and where precisely it is residing in the human body, in what organ or group of organs the first elimination blockage happened and that another blockage could create a disease to appear in the future.

The method that I have just described is the main philosophical direction in my practice that has already been used for eighteen years.  There are outstanding cases for recovering patients states of health or improving their symptoms, some patients had been ill for six-ten-fifteen years and who had been through all levels of medical consultations and yet never experienced any improvement, until they began treatment by using the methods of cleansing, homeopathic drainage, etc.  These cases are proof for showing the correctness of this philosophy, and the correctness of this approach.

The best proof of any conception is the practical result reached from it.