If somebody believes that an appearance of a cancerous tumour is a beginning of cancer, or a high fever is a beginning of a flue, or the pain in the knee is a beginning of the arthritis, than that person is wrong.

Beginning of the illness is a blockage of the elimination systems of the organism (kidneys, liver, urinary system, etc.). It is followed by the internal intoxication; the immune system becomes weaker, which leads to penetration of the different viruses and bacteria from the outside world into the organism. At the same time, the viruses and bacteria, which do already exist in the organism, become pathogenic and begin to multiply, and by that amplifying, the intoxication, which in turn, exacerbates the blockage of the secretory organs. Thus, it is a vicious circle.

A blockage of the elimination organs and systems (filters) leads to the damage of the whole organism, which begins with the functional disorders.

These disorders affect the following systems:

  • Elimination System (liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, skin)
  • Endocrine System (endocrine glands: thyroid – hypo- or hyperthyroidism)
    • Ovaries (irregular period, pain, formation of cysts)
    • Pancreas (enzymatic activity disorder, digestive disorders, e.g. flatulence, constipation, diarrhoea)
    • Insulin Secretion Disorder:

Lack of secreted insulin leads to hyperglycemia – abnormally high concentration of glucose in the blood – and diabetes – dryness in the mouth, persistent thirst. Hyperglycemia or diabetes is accompanied by metabolic disorders of lipid-carbohydrate exchange type.

Excessive secretion of insulin leads to hypoglycemia – abnormally low level of glucose in the blood.  This condition is accompanied by weakness, giddiness, which disappears when taking carbohydrates.

  • Nervous System: functional imbalance of the nervous system leads to irritability, insomnia, moodiness, and drowsiness during the daytime, awakening at night, depression.
  • Nervous-Muscular System: neck pain, shoulder pain, pain between the shoulder-blades, in lower back, cramps in the calves, knee pain, pain in the ankles and elbows.
  • Urinary System: frequent urge to urinate with small portions of urine discharged.
  • Sexual System: decrease of the sexual drive (libido), difficulty in reaching orgasm, erection problems in men, dry vagina in women.
  • Skin System: allergic skin reactions to the food products (sugar, alcohol). After the meal, there may be an itch, a rush on the face, dry crusts near the nose, eczema, dermatitis and fungous skin infection. 

To my mind, all this is a result of the intoxication of the organism, while the skin is just a mirror reflecting the inner imbalance and the state of the organism as a whole.

Undoubtedly, when the secretory systems of the organism begin suffering from intoxication, this, in turn, affects the ability of the organism to absorb and to assimilate the ions of Ca, P, Mg, Si, Cl, Na, as well as the vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K. That, in turn, blocks the secretory systems even more, and changes the acidity in the organism (its pH), which leads to the possible growth and multiplication of the different viruses and bacteria: for instance, yeast infection or development of the intestinal bacillus from relatively pathogenic into pathogenic-Esherihia Coli, by that upsetting a biological balance of the organism in its various organs and systems.

Then go different functional blocks and separate systems disorders – some bigger and some smaller depending on the genetic predisposition (diseases that parents might have when conceiving the child), as well as on different other factors gained in a course of life (poisoning by drugs: Tylenol, Aspirin, birth control pills, vaccinations, and hormone replacement therapy– taken during long time  -  they change the normal hormonal balance and the metabolism cycle of the human body.

Naturally, our organism is a wonderful system, ideally created for the self-regulation and regeneration.  As soon as the symptoms of the intoxication increase to the level of the possible serious complications, our organism searches for an emergency path to remove the toxins.  Suddenly, a person experiences diarrhoea or rush (eczema, dermatitis, psoriases, etc.), skin itch, sweating at nigh accompanied by the unpleasant odour, vaginal discharges, chronic nasal discharges accompanied by the constant nasal congestion – all these symptoms, out of many others, are a compensatory reaction of the organism. It tries with all its strength to recover, to move the toxins out of the system or to isolate them inside when it overworks (gallbladder or kidney stones, fibromas, cysts)

In many cases our patients do not understand that their chronic diarrhoea or running nose is a result of their organism fighting to remove the toxic materials out of their bodies. Our patients go to the doctors and get some nasal drops. By that they block the ability of the organism of self-recovery.  After they suppress these discharges, the inner intoxication begins, and the next process is the organic change and systems’ disorders:

  • Tumours (malignant and non-malignant);
  • Fatty degeneration of the organs;
  • Metabolic liver disorders, which results in the increased level of cholesterol, lipoproteins, uric acid and bilirubin;
  • Insulin secretion disorder: increased glucose level;
  • Thyroid function disorder: hypo- or hyper-function;
  • Adrenal glands imbalance: adrenal crisis: panic attack, high blood pressure;
  • Kidneys failure: frequent urination, especially at night, which leads to the loss of the important mineral complexes and trace elements Zn, Ca, Cr, Mg, etc.

The change in the chemical balance of the organism leads to the chemical imbalance of the brain, which, in turn, causes depression, fears and inability to take responsibility. High level of cholesterol in blood turns into deposits in the arteries, including the coronary ones, blocking them and causing the disease such as Angina Pectoris. Also similar processes take place in the other arteries as well. Liver, as a result, becomes congested, which leads to the stagnation in the pulmonary circulation, and that, in turn, to the swelling of the prostate, haemorrhoids, and varicose veins of the lower extremities. Mineral imbalance leads to the degenerative processes in the spinal cord, joints and ligaments.

That is how I see an illness, which begins gradually, little by little capturing new horizons and borders. And the patient goes for treatment to many different doctors specializing in different fields of medicine: cardiologist, optometrist, dentist, psychologist, gastrointestinal specialist, etc. Whereas, if this very patient came to us on time, we would begin homeopathic cleansing and balancing the systems of his organism by the methods of homeopathy, by prescribing a special diet, physical activities, meditations, so that this patient wouldn’t be in such a bad shape as he is in now.

That is why our first step in the beginning of the treatment is detoxification of the organism. This stage may last from a month to a year, depending on for how long and how many diseases a patient has, how serious they are. Detoxification at the cellular and organic level is the first step of our treatment, and of our effort to help the organism regenerate. That is why I am not a supporter of taking vitamins and minerals at the beginning of the cleansing process, because their assimilation is minimal but their removal from the organism is delayed. This can cause an extra-intoxication in addition to the existed intoxication (autointoxication, environmental intoxication, etc.).